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End-to-end Retail ERP, CRM and POS Solutions Built on Microsoft Dynamics     


Helping Deliver Increased Sales and Customer Loyalty

Tectura delivers a single end-to-end Retail solution that empowers retailers to achieve performance and revenue goals effectively. Our Retail ERP solution helps you simplify your operations, gain tighter control over your inventory and, most importantly, help you put the customer at the center of operation. Tectura’s ERP and CRM solutions can handle the complex business of Retail from the initial marketing offer, to point of sale, to your warehouse, supply chain, and more.

Our Retail solutions provide insight into all aspects of your business—including sales analysis, trending, customer loyalty, inventory management, margins and costs, and merchandise management. Designed to meet the needs of retail businesses of all sizes, from stand-alone stores to complex multi-store operations, Tectura Retail solutions help you maximize opportunities and optimize revenue.

Key Features Offered by Tectura Retail Solution:

  • Warehousing, Inventory & Procurement

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Replenishment Planning & Merchandising

  • PoS/Mobile PoS Store Operations

  • eCommerce & Mobility

  • Production Scheduling, Planning & Execution

  • Social Listening & Sensitivity Analysis

  • Loyalty Management

  • Finance & Accounting Management

  • Logistics Management

Microsoft Dynamics solutions for Retail, delivered by Tectura, enable you to:

  • Get value faster with purpose-built, retail-specific functionality

  • Drive customer-centricity

  • Optimize inventory management for maximum product availability

  • Improve cash flow by supporting multichannel operations

  • Make better merchandizing decisions

  • Get more value from your existing POS and software investments

  • Derive customer loyalty by delivering more responsive services

  • Enhance profitability through increased store efficiency

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