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Food Manufacturing & Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Food Manufacturing Industry     

The food manufacturing and distribution industry is extraordinarily diverse. Thousands of different products (including fresh, frozen, chilled, and long shelf-life goods) and many types of processes serve customers ranging from mega-retailers to small chains, independent stores, catering services, restaurants, and exporters. Food manufacturers and distributors operate under a very complex environment where they are constantly searching for way to satisfy their end consumers and yet operate profitably in spite of fluctuating consumer demand, slim margins, strict government regulations, varying raw material variability and capacity constraints.

Tectura's Offerings built on Microsoft Dynamics offer a set of strong applications that deliver a powerful suite of technologies for food manufacturers and distributors. These integrated applications can be deployed quickly and inexpensively without complicated customizations and drawn-out implementation projects.

Built on trusted Microsoft Dynamics technology, our Food Industry solutions can help you:

Meet retailer demands: Work with retailers to help solve their problems while you improve your operations, lower your costs, and increase your ability to service other customers. You can increase visibility into your manufacturing operations, improve customer service, and provide managers and sales personnel with fast access to the right information when they need it.

Respond to consumer trends: Respond quickly to-or better yet, anticipate-consumer trends by being able to review current sales and market data, and then make accurate, real-time decisions. Efficiently integrate manufacturing, financials, and procurement to shorten product development and manufacturing times, and speed time-to-market. You can even speed the process with easy-to-use, cross-company collaboration tools.

Improve supply chain operations: Quickly respond to changing demands by creating a transparent supply chain that helps you and your customers access relevant information-whether it's about product availability, prices, expiration dates, or promotions. Information gathered throughout the supply chain can help you realize your business goals, generate more profits, and determine where new business possibilities can be found.

Monitor food safety: Implement the best practices required to support and automate key safety requirements. You can enable the automatic tracking and tracing of raw materials and products at all stages of production, processing, and distribution. By doing so, you can also facilitate an automated recall process that can be completed in hours instead of days or weeks.

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