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Chemicals & Plastics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Chemical & Plastic Manufacturers​     


Improve Operational Excellence through Maximized Yields and Reduced Costs

Chemical and plastic industry today faces numerous challenges such as stringent compliance and regulatory issues, rising environment concerns, increases energy cost, and shrinking profitability. This industry requires manufacturers to have an ERP solution in place that addresses every aspect of their operations - from formulation and fabrication to packaging and pricing. Tectura’s Process Manufacturing offerings built on Microsoft Dynamics provides you with a single, flexible platform linking together production, inventory control, customer service and order processing. With Tectura’s solution you can control and optimize your operations, as well as provide better visibility into your operations.

Built on trusted Microsoft Dynamics solutions & ecosystem, our chemicals and plastics solutions can help you:

  • Respond faster to opportunities and disruptions

  • Track bulk shipments accurately

  • Manage hazardous materials effectively

  • Monitor reactions and formulation by percentage

  • Implement tools for extrusion and downstream manufacturing

  • Identify and match lot numbers easily

  • Improve production planning

  • Meet quality, safety, and compliance requirements

  • Reduce inventories and improve customer service

  • Optimize supply chain and gain manufacturing visibility

Make better business decisions and stay ahead of the competition with Tectura’s Process Manufacturing offerings built on Microsoft Dynamics.

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