Tectura Clients

Clients worldwide and across many industries have realized business value and built a competitive advantage by partnering with Tectura.

  “Tectura can intelligently advise us on what can be done, and they are also able to advise us on what should be done. We rely on them to guide us towards the optimal solution."
Peter Poli, Chief Financial Officer
Grand Banks Yachts Limited

  “There are not many organizations that have the international reach and the depth of capability to present off-shoring as an alternative. Tectura not only provided this as an option for HPR, but proved with ease the flexibility of putting it into practice."
Andy Morgan, Financial Controller
Hyde Park Residence


Following are some of our clients:

  “Tectura is one of few companies in the world that has a global footprint to match our footprint, and there are incredible advantages to that."
Martin Walker, Director of IT Architecture and Engineering
Flow International Corporation